SkillZoom is a superior competency matching and job matching tool, providing fast results with unprecedented accuracy.

Various participants in the talent acquisition process use distinct word choices though they may all be speaking about the same thing. Thus, an individual crafts his Resumes with subjective words and sentences chosen to target his "Job Objective; the job seeker may use even use further language variations to stand-out in the course of his "Personal Branding" effort. In-house competency management definitions vary from one company to another; HR job descriptions often vary even among competitors in the same market segment. A published job vacancy may contain some "artistic license" and be intentionally vague, with the hope of attracting more applicants who feel they may qualify.

In the candidate selection process, neither recruiters nor job seekers have previously agreed on a "pre-ordained" list of words they shall use in the process. Job posts, internal job descriptions and subjectively-crafted Resumes, each contain a variety of terms, which eventually cause significant inefficiency and inaccuracy for "keyword-based" matching technologies. It is akin to trying to "hit a moving target". Yet, this is where scurrent systems are. We like to say: "A career is too important to rely on a chance meeting of keywords. Job matching doesn't have to be a keyword lottery."

SkillZoom supports the goals of the Semantic Web, where context and specificity are elevated to a new level. Substantial gains exist for "e-recruiting" and Competency Management tools when specificity of meaning and context are improved. When a new client project requires certain skill sets, assembling the project team, scouring dated internal employee files, disparate competency data, or evaluating the possibility of additions a suitable temp contractor ... doesn't have to be so complicated ...
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Finding the right blend of job skills by matching keywords contained in Resumes is imprecise, at best.  SkillZoom helps you identify superb matches in a fraction of the time, with superior accuracy. Break away from keyword guessing routines, or trying to match job requirements by scanning multiple Resume versions for the same person.

  Every career opportunity requires distinct skillsets. Is the "correct" version of your Resume being viewed for that other job role you also want to explore? End the anxiety of "staying under two pages" while having to reduce or omit important details. Register with SkillZoom to create your SkillZoom Profile, a comprehensive inventory of your skills and competencies, instead of writing and rewriting several tailored versions of your Resume of to emphasize each Resume.  Are you tired of repeatedly filling out web forms and still getting mails for jobs that have nothing to to do with what you were asking ? and receiving no answers?

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